It can be extremely time-consuming to create statistics on the people who have applied for a rental property with your agency. However, getting to know your target audience better is essential for a successful communication and publication strategy.
DigiRENT automatically generates these statistics for you, saving you a considerable amount of time! These statistics are presented in the form of graphs adapted to the given information. Learn more about your audience while you concentrate on your operational activities.
What's more, the DigiRENT module is free for the whole of 2023!
These comprehensive infographics give you a wealth of valuable information to help you keep an overview.

For example, you'll find statistics such as:

  • The number of applications received over time

  • An overview of the status of the various applications received

  • An indication of the origin of users submitting an application

  • Household size

  • Age of applicants

  • Current canton or country of residence

  • And much more!

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