Nowadays, who doesn't have a profile on at least one social network? These media have become an indispensable part of our daily lives, both in the private and professional spheres. They enable companies to promote themselves and their products, reach a wider audience and build a relationship of exchange with them. However, we mustn't forget that Internet users are demanding, and want content that is attractive, aesthetically pleasing, of high quality and provides added value.

That's the kind of content we want to offer those who follow our adventures on the various social networks on which we're present!

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IMMOMIG SA is active on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Every week, we offer you original and varied content: tips on how to use our software (Tips), a presentation of our new products (Update), new projects from the world of real estate (Immo news), fun facts linked to the world of real estate, and other lighter publications. You can also put a face to the names you often hear on the phone or read in e-mail exchanges, thanks to our new staff introductions.

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Here are a few tips:

  • Define a clear strategy: before launching yourself on social networks, define your objectives, your target audience and your communication tone. Identify the social platforms most relevant to your real estate business.

  • Create quality content: regularly publish attractive and informative real estate-related content, such as blog posts, videos, infographics and quality photos. Highlight available properties, buying or renting tips, market trends, etc.

  • Use striking visuals: visuals play a crucial role on social networks. Use high-quality photos and videos to highlight the properties you offer. Visuals must be attractive and make users want to click and find out more.

  • Engage your audience: be active and responsive on social networks. Respond to comments, private messages and requests for information. Encourage users to interact by asking questions, launching polls or offering contests.

  • Stay up to date with new trends: social networks evolve rapidly, so it's important to keep abreast of new features and emerging trends. Experiment with new content formats such as stories, reels or 360-degree videos.

Some content ideas for a real estate agency:

  • Property listings: share listings of properties for sale or rent with detailed descriptions, high-quality photos and key information such as size, price, location, etc. Don't hesitate to use attractive visuals to draw users' attention.

  • Virtual tours: offer virtual tours of properties through videos or panoramic photos. This allows users to discover properties from home and get an immersive experience.

  • Customer testimonials: share testimonials from satisfied customers who have used your services. This reinforces the trust and credibility of your real estate agency.

  • Tips and guides: publish useful tips and guides related to buying, selling or renting real estate. For example, articles on how to prepare your home for sale, steps to take to obtain a mortgage, or interior design tips.

  • Inspirational content: publish interior design ideas, tips for small spaces, design trends and more. This will inspire your subscribers and create engagement around your publications.

  • Local events: let your audience know about relevant real estate or local events, such as property fairs, conferences or meetings with industry experts. This shows that you're involved in the community and aware of real estate opportunities.

  • Real estate market news: share news, statistics and trends from the local or national real estate market. This positions your agency as a reliable source of information and demonstrates your expertise in the sector.

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