The "Malley Phare" project:
The first wooden residential tower in French-speaking Switzerland will be built in Prilly. Work began last spring on the project, which consists of an elevation above the "Malley Lumière" shopping center. The tower, called "Malley Phare", aims to set an example in terms of energy consumption and ecology. The 60-metre-high, 14-storey building will be made up of 80% wood from Vaud forests. It should be ready to welcome the residents of its 96 apartments in 2025. In addition to the apartments, the building will also feature coworking spaces and a "Rooftop" that will house a bar.

Why is wood increasingly used in Swiss construction?
  • A sustainable material: wood is a renewable and recyclable material, sourced mainly from responsibly managed European forests. Contrary to popular belief, wood is more resistant to weather, insects, fungi and even fire than concrete or steel. On top of all this, wood is an asset against climate change, as it absorbs CO2 and releases oxygen, which also reduces the overall carbon footprint of projects.

  • Rapid assembly on site: this type of construction requires a great deal of upstream coordination, which in turn saves considerable time on site. In addition to the speed of assembly, wood is appreciated for the lighter weight of the components to be handled, which relieves the workload on site.

  • Improved comfort: wood is a material with the ability to naturally regulate humidity levels in a home, which greatly enhances occupant comfort. What's more, if properly used, it can also be an excellent thermal insulator, reducing household energy consumption and thus costs.

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