Our DigiRENT digital rental module is getting even better, to the delight of its users!

The application and file processing interfaces will become one. There will no longer be any separation between files to be checked and applications by object; everything will be brought together on a single page. The changes will be made this week.

What's on the new "applications" page? :

  • The ability to see which objects the candidate has applied for

  • An overview of the status of verification for each object and candidate

  • The current status of the application

  • Tenant's rating, with comments when hovering over it

  • The person responsible for the file and internal comments

  • Date application received

  • The date on which the application was last modified

  • Property suitability at a glance

  • The date of availability of the property and the entry date requested by the applicant

  • If a viewing of the property has already taken place, the date of the viewing is indicated

  • You can check, pre-select, accept or reject your application with a single click

  • PDF generation of applications, with or without attachments

Thanks to this major improvement, you'll have more information on the same page, while benefiting from a simpler, more attractive interface!

If you're not yet using the DigiRENT module, don't hesitate to request a demo by clicking on the button below.

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