After months of hard work, we're proud to announce that in September our digital rental module goes into 2.0 mode!
Last month, we announced a major change to the "applications" page, and today we're pleased to announce that the application verification interface has also been improved.

What are the main changes with DigiRENT 2.0?

The application page
This has been greatly improved to save you even more time. In particular, we've merged the "applications" page and the "dossiers" page into one! Find out more about this page by clicking here.

The application verification interface
Thanks to a smoother navigation that requires fewer clicks, application files can be checked much more easily. All the information contained in the file is on the same page, and you can access the different sections by scrolling down the page. What's more, on the side of your screen you'll find an overview designed to summarize the verification status of a file, allow you to report problems and navigate through the file.

These two major improvements mark the transition from DigiRENT 1.0 to version 2.0.

With version 2.0, our DigiRENT digital rental module is now mature, having evolved in many respects.
Our 25 customers (real estate agencies and management companies) who agreed to become testers of the module, suggested pertinent improvements.
This has enabled the 10 people working on the project within the IMMOMIG SA team to get concrete feedback from users, and thus to perfect DigiRENT.
Thanks to this process of involving "real" users and using their feedback to improve the product (or service), our digital rental module is now mature.
In fact, we're proud that over 1,000 applications have been submitted using DigiRENT!

If you're not yet using the DigiRENT module, don't hesitate to request a demo by clicking on the button below.

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