If you're familiar with our software, you'll know that we're constantly striving to improve it and add new features! In this article, we'd like to introduce you to "Messenger", the new, even simpler way of communicating with your customers.

The "Messenger" instant messaging system:
If you have an Immomig® website or iframe with "Pelican" technology, then you can exchange and communicate with your contacts and principals via a new "Messenger" system. Here you'll find all the messages your customers have sent you from the "Messenger" section of your website or iframe, or from their customer area on our new dreamo.ch portal.

Unlike Immomig®'s other means of communication (apart from specific modules), the "Messenger" enables messages to be sent and received within the Immomig® software, eliminating the need to juggle several programs.

Messages are exchanged in open conversations between the agency and a contact/client. Within the agency, users can register as participants in the conversation, and receive or not receive notifications of unread messages. A conversation can therefore be followed by several different brokers. What's more, each message can be linked to one or more objects, enabling sent messages to be presented in the client report for each object.

If you reply to your contact/client using "Messenger", he/she will receive an e-mail notification if he/she has not logged on to the messaging system within 2 minutes of the message being sent. Thanks to this, you can be sure they'll be notified of your message, even if they haven't logged on to Messenger recently.

Finally, in each contact's "Timeline" you'll find the messages exchanged to keep a good overview of the communications linked to each contact or principal.

If you're already an Immomig® customer and would like to learn more about the Messenger system, please register for our workshop on October 30, 2023.