IMMOMIG SA launches dreamo.ch! This real estate portal revolutionizes property search, sale and rental, thanks to a number of innovations developed in Switzerland.

Use of artificial intelligence (AI). IMMOMIG SA has developed a unique technology to optimize sales processes and save time for real estate agents. An owner can request a free valuation of his or her property, and based on the data transmitted, the AI will select the ideal broker for the sale. The applications received by the brokers are also processed by the AI thanks to the DigiRENT tool (automatic analysis of attachments and highlighting of the best candidates). This saves a considerable amount of time for the agencies, and ensures that the ideal tenant is found quickly.

Make life easier for potential buyers/tenants. Searching for real estate is a tedious task. There are lots of sites to choose from, and each time you have to create an account and download the various documents required before sending them. With dreamo.ch, all this is a thing of the past! Thanks to a unique profile, the potential buyer/tenant has access to a network of over 500 companies using Immomig® software. This means they can send their application in just one click. Communications are also carried out on the same platform, thanks to a messaging service developed by IMMOMIG SA.

Meet the right people. The use of artificial intelligence and access to the immomig® network enable the right people to be put in touch. For Patrick Maillard, CEO of IMMOMIG SA, "the technologies developed by our company have always been aimed at facilitating relations between real estate professionals and their customers." No more futile searches! Thanks to dreamo.ch, the needs of each player are analyzed to find the people who can best meet them. There's something for everyone, without having to spend a fortune and hours in front of the screen.

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