In this article dedicated to the benefits of DigiRENT, get ready to explore how it is emerging as the essential tool for optimizing your rental management and revolutionizing the way you approach property rental.
Of course, the lists presented below are not exhaustive and will evolve in the future.

DigiRENT benefits for real estate professionals:
  • Digitization of the rental process: transition to fully digital rental processes, simplifying property management.

  • Flexible form configuration: specific forms can be configured according to property type, facilitating the collection of relevant information.

  • Advanced application management: applicant rating functionalities, simplified validation of supporting documents, assistance with file comparison and an intuitive interface for simple, streamlined tenant selection.

  • Clear, detailed overview: at a glance, you can see the status of the tenant search for a specific property.

  • Time-saving file selection: incoming files are automatically sorted by relevance, with the files that most closely match the profile being highlighted according to rational criteria.

  • Simplified communication: thanks to the "Messenger" instant messaging system, you can communicate with potential tenants centrally and easily.

  • Constant evolution: regular interface updates with DigiRENT 2.0, offering an enhanced user experience and smoother navigation.

  • DigiRENT-AI project: integration of artificial intelligence into DigiRENT for continuous improvements and smarter features to make your day-to-day life easier.

  • Automation of certain communications:you can tell a tenant that their application has been selected and at the same time inform other potential tenants that the property has been rented with just a few clicks.

  • Automatic statistics:automatic generation of detailed application statistics, providing an in-depth view of your target audience.

  • Automatic controlling: detailed performance and task controlling is automatically carried out, providing better in-house monitoring.

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface: in just a few minutes you'll be up and running with DigiRENT.

  • Online and telephone support: online support and assistance to answer questions and resolve problems quickly.

  • Strategic partnerships: collaboration with external partners, such as the Fribourg School of Engineering and EAMT.ch, to offer you ever more innovative solutions.

  • Secure hosting in Switzerland: secure storage of customer data on servers in Switzerland, guaranteeing confidentiality.

The benefits of DigiRENT for your potential tenants:
  • Digital applications: potential tenants can submit their applications directly online, with no time or geographical constraints.

  • 1-click submission: once a tenant's complete application has been saved in their dreamo.ch customer account, they simply click on a button to submit their application online.

  • Simplified document ordering process: online ordering of extracts from the debt enforcement register directly from the application form.

  • Convenient document capture:easily add supporting documents by taking photos with a smartphone.

  • Simplified communication:the Messenger instant messaging system makes it quick and easy to communicate with the management team.

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